Jamaica Trip Getaway

Winter cold days always call for sunny getaways. I took a much needed trip to Jamaica, one among many of my dream destinations. I stayed in Montego Bay but had a chance to visit Negril and Ocho Rios. The weather was perfect at this time of the year;  averaged in the 80s the entire time. The food was super fresh, amazing and a wide variety to choose from.  

Most importantly, the people are kind hearted and the culture is very relaxed and laid back. Some of the activities on my to do list were visiting the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios where I hiked up the slippery stones, the famous Rick’s Café in Negril where I watched the brave souls dive into the water from way above and the famous 7 Mile Beach in Negril.

Bamboo River Rafting through the serene Martha Brae River in Montego Bay was by far the best experience during this trip. Definitely a must do.

Look out for my travel blog in the near future!
Destination - Jamaica.  Accessories/Dashiki Bag  - Simba Crafts Collection

DIY Earring Organizer

Good news for all fashionistas! If you own a substantial amount of earrings and looking for a creative way to organize them, consider using a window screen that can be easily obtained from home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. You can add flair to the screen by spray painting in any color of your choice or using any picture frame pattern.

The picture below shows how I organized my earring collection. Instead of stashing them away in a drawer or box, I love the display effect which makes my everyday selection process so much easier!

Also, check out the Simba Crafts Collection for an assortment of African Handmade jewelry. Have fun organizing your jewelry!

Earrings – Simba Crafts Collection  

What's your current read?

One of my new year resolutions (among many others) is to read more books. I am currently reading '#GirlBoss' by Sofia Amoruso and loving it. Sofia came from humble beginnings and decided to forgo continuing education to pursue a different path. She started selling vintage clothes on Ebay, which led to the creation of a $100 million plus fashion retailer, Nasty Gal.

She encourages readers on how to channel their passion and hard work, while keeping their insecurities from getting in the way. The book proves that being successful is not determined by your background, but it's about trusting your instincts and following your gut and knowing which rules to follow and which ones to break.

She’s proof that you can be a huge success without giving up your spirit of adventure or distinctive style. She writes:  "I have three pieces of advice I want you to remember: Don’t ever grow up. Don’t become a bore. Don’t let The Man get to you. OK? Cool. Then let’s do this.”

I definitely agree and can relate. What's your current read? 

Book – #GirlBoss By Sofia Amoruso. Bag – Simba Crafts Collection

Happy 2017!

A happy new year to all! Hope your 2017 is off to a great start. Check out a happy client rocking one of the purses from the Simba Crafts Collection. Here's to a great year ahead filled with happiness, authenticity and lots of style! 

Bag - Simba Crafts Collection 

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are upon us, again! Seems like just the other day that we were celebrating. If you are still looking for the perfect holiday gifts, look no further. Simba Crafts Collection has an assortment of bags for your every day needs. Happy holidays to you and yours!

Bags - Simba Crafts Collection

Errands Filled Weekend

The weekends tend to be a bit busy playing catch up but this weekend was exceptionally full of errands to run. As usual, my Dashiki purse is my to go to bag and always comes in handy. 

Dashiki Purse - Simba Crafts Collection

How organized is your Workspace?

It's almost the end of the year, which for most people, it's time to come up with a new year resolution list. Why not start by organizing your workspace? The condition of your workspace can have a huge impact on quality and productivity.  

Laptop/Planner Bag - Simba Crafts Collection 

Happy November!

November is off to a great start especially with the nice weather we've had lately. I have been taking full advantage of it and still adding pops of colors to my outfits. Off to happy hour I go! Enjoy. 

Shirt - Burlington Coat Factory.  Clutch - Simba Crafts Collection. 

Kitenge/Ankara Clutch

A happy client rocked this Kitenge/Ankara clutch from the Simba Crafts Collection during an event. The clutch added a dash of color to the white outfit theme. Simply beautiful and elegant. I am definitely stealing this idea :) 

Clutch - Simba Crafts Collection 

Happy 4th of July!

A happy 4th of July to all! I rocked this beautiful blue and white sundress this weekend. Only thing that was missing was a dash of red. Hope you all had wonderful fun-filled weekend! 

Dress - Ross Store

Orange Loose Fitting Dress

A loose fitting dress is a much needed staple in anyone's closet simply because it is comfortable and versatile; can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I love vibrant colors and orange and blue is always a perfect color combination!

Dress - New York and Company. Accessories - Simba Crafts Collection. 

Green/Tan Dress + Nude Heels

A very happy Monday to all! Mondays don't always have to be gloomy. I rocked this colorful dress that I really love and that I got for a steal ($7.99) during a sale. Enjoy!

Dress - New York and Company. Shoes - Burlington Coat Factory. 

Traveling In Style

In addition to fashion, I love to travel! It could be locally or internationally. I always tend to overpack which turns out to be chaotic. With time, I have mastered the art of traveling light, sometimes with a hint of style as portrayed below. They say, you only have one chance to make a first impression and your seat mate could be a potential love interest or your next boss :) 

Blazer - H&M. Jeans - Express. Shoes - LolaShoetique.com.  Dashiki Hand luggage - Simba Crafts Collection 

Purple Sundress + Wedges/Sandals

Not sure about you, but I love sundresses! especially now that sunny days are upon us. I paired this beautiful purple sundress with Wedges and Maasai Sandals and accessorized with a few bags from the Simba Crafts Collection.

Photography - www.marcusdilanophotography.com. Sundress - Ross Store. Wedges - DSW. Maasai Sandals - Kenya. Accessories - Simba Crafts Collection

Yellow Sleeveless Shirt + Blue Skinny Jeans

Paired this basic yellow sleeveless shirt with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and laced heels. Accessorized the outfit with a few items from the Simba Crafts Collection. 

Photography - www.marcusdilanophotography.com. Sleeveless shirt - New York and Company. Heels - DSW (Jessica Simpson). Accessories - Simba Crafts Collection.