Passion for fashion

I have always been fashion savvy. I have continuously defined my fashion over the years instead of letting society dictate it. Ever since I started working in Corporate America, I have always had a knack for dressing up. I initially started as a contractor in my company but I did not let that deter my fashion sense. I dressed up as if I were in a higher-level position within the company; aka dressing up for success and for my future position. I had to think, act and carry myself as though I already had the position that I envisioned.

Over time, I have been involved in work travel and high level client interactions. As nervousness kicks in during some of these meet-ups, I have come to the realization that dressing up, sprinkled with an ounce of confidence, always does the trick.

As long as an outfit has a good fit, is comfortable and fits my personal taste, then I feel great about myself. As a result, my confidence skyrockets and my days turn out to be nothing short of amazing; not to forget the tons of compliments I receive.

I have been known to obtain bargain deals for fashion items that look great, yet, are gentle on the pockets. Pinterest and other fashion bloggers have provided a lot of guidance when it comes to putting different aspects of an outfit together. I have learnt over the years that quality supersedes quantity in the fashion world. Although easier said than done, all you need are some basic key items of clothing and the secret is learning the different ways of combining them to achieve different results. Simple yet elegant is my mantra.

My passion for fashion resulted in the creation of Simba Crafts Collection, which provides beautifully designed and locally handmade African Merchandise ranging from bags and jewelry. Our goal is to portray the beauty of combining African accessories with modern day attire while supporting the women in our local community who hand make these beautiful products. 

Many-a-times when people compliment me on a nice outfit, I always often wonder if it’s the particular items of clothing, how the outfit is put together and accessorized, the way I carry myself while wearing the outfit or a combination of all of the above. I will let you be the judge :)